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#1, it all starts with just ONE!

Yes, Happy Birthday to my blog. With each new blog, my writing gets better (or worse)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Well, that means I keep skimming through all the pages. There’s travel for fun, travel for work and then there’s my kind of travel: Gun in the head travel. Well, that was metaphorical with the gun missing. But yeah, the scenario holds good. If not for the arm twisting, I’d never make this trip on a beautiful god-given holiday.

Speaking of travel, Anna Hazare ji is going places and for a while now, he’s gonna stay put in Tihar. Very valid signs, the big brother has gone paranoid. Otherwise why would someone keep a corruption crusader behind bars and that too alongside two corrupt!? Paranoid, or more paranoid that LokPal given teeth would bite back their own behinds. With good support, Anna ji would grow stronger in time.

Travel bag – Check!

Clothes – Check!

Magazines – Check!

Tickets – D’oh?

Will be back for #2, keep an eye out for my tweets.

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