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#2,With little more efforts, here’s next post

Ah, it’s good to be back home!

Travel is not as tiresome/boring as it used to be. With more freedom (and of course Money), you can afford to few more choices. Such a short, sweet trip! Enjoyed every last minute, well, except for the part where there was an accident on the highway on the way back. (Hope there was no lasting damage to the affected)

Last week, there was this hilarious (yet thought-provoking) Xkcd. Although, half my recipients couldn’t understand what it meant. Anyway, check out this Password Generator, inspired by Xkcd’s particular comic strip. In summary, our current complex passwords involving multiple cases and symbols are prone to be broken by the machine sooner yet hard for us to keep in mind! But, a simple four letter random phrase like umm… “Correct horse battery staple” might be easier to remember/recollect, yet a real difficulty for the machine to break!

And finally, new additions to Oxford English Dictionary! The words newly added are: Retweet, Sexting, Cyberbullying. Good to note, all have their strong roots in www, and children of quite very recent past.

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