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#3, Coconut dress-up, Doubt and Anna Ji

As like any holiday, the day broke reluctantly by 9 AM. Well, people broke it otherwise left on its own it would have broken well 3 hours later.

The thing with an Indian household is, you never know which day is auspicious. Turned out today is very auspicious; a good day to dress up a coconut and take pictures of it. House swarmed with loads of relatives who almost kicked me out of bed. For God’s sake, today is a holiday, I cried and all my cries were drowned in loud bells ringing across the house.

Now that I’m up, and filled with two cups of coffee, I thought, ok why not write another blogpost!

Few weeks back, missed a wonderful opportunity to attend three good plays on three great holidays. Luckily, today there’s one (Doubt) happening right nearby, so didn’t waste any time in booking the ticket. Check the play out. (Pssst, really skeptical about the play but just going for the cute girl on the promo adJ)

As the whole country, and few abroad are busy tweeting about Anna ji and his movement, I feel compelled to write something about it.

· Anna Hazare, the Septuagenarian bachelor, has successfully arrested the attention of the entire sub-continent.

· I stand with him on the protests, although how would it be if everyone tries to arm-twist the government in similar way?

· Always prided to be part of world’s largest democracy, but is a 15 day long fast a price to pay for the democracy’s citizen voice to be heard by the government?

· And someone, please teach governance to the government. If it keeps working with paranoia, any tom dick and harry could threaten the government. But as it feels, with every new day, current government’s lifetime keeps getting shorter!

To end, here’s a very nice comic thought on the current scenario:

What do we learn from Anna Hazare and A. Raja? Corruption and Honesty lead to the same place. But honesty takes you there quicker. 🙂

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