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#4, Five gadgets I’ve my “I” on:

Well, after years and years of thought, I hastily brought a laptop couple of days back. The one system at the office can’t always be used for all my technology needs. Every software installation needs an approval. How appalling! And I can never answer why I try to learn android when I’m working on a web-development project. Or why I am keen on open source software when my entire project is a proprietary one!

So after the purchase, now goes the list of accessories I missed to buy along. Some are very trivial in general, but very needed and some are indeed my long cherished gadgets.

· Mouse: Yes, a mouse. May be a wireless one. This damn touch pad is so irritable and it keeps misinterpreting what I want. Almost got killed playing counter strike!

· Keyboard: Again, yes. The laptop’s keypad is so delicate. Very scared to even touch it with a little extra pressure. Last time, I very much sent the ‘R’3 centimetres inside

· Wacom Tablet: Now we’re talking. Long-time desire to start some serious CG work. Can’t wait to do some good art on the new Wacom

· External HD: I guess a good 1TB HDD should suffice! Earlier, I dumped all my collections into DVDs, and now everyone knows they are eating dust. Those cheap DVDs get struck every 5 minutes when trying to play. At least this time, I want to make sure my hard work (all the midnight downloads) is not thrown away.

· And finally, a very good Data Card for some mind-blowing internet: Just don’t want to spend any more time looking at those walls. Time to get back to college days, were every waking minute my laptop was engaged in downloads.

Any more interesting add-ons I’ve missed?

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