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#5, now I have doubts!

Wonderful evening it was, to watch the perfect play. As it always goes, I started for the event at the 11th hour and with all the traffic, idiotic drivers, and the signals, I somehow managed to reach the venue on time. After quickly exchanging my e-ticket printout with the actual ticket, I walked into the auditorium and took my seat. The seating was made in three categories based on three different pricings, I conveniently had bought the middle category and that was the one that was sparsely filled. Both the least expensive and the most expensive ones were packed.

As I took my seat, a gentle tap on my shoulder. The older gentleman in the aisle behind me remarked, “The ladies here are really appreciating your height!” and smiled. This was followed by a series of giggles by the ladies themselves. Just to be polite, I slouched a little.

After a series of introductory speeches by the organizers and some glorified thanks to the sponsors, the lights dimmed for the play to start.

Father Joseph, played by the famous PC Ramakrishna, walked in the eerie focus light, slowly and took the centre stage. The actor, perfectly chosen for the character gave a very captivating speech, on Doubt! Thus he set in motion the doubt, about which the play was. Once he left the stage, the audience left longing for his next scene.

As the play built up, the various characters were beautifully depicted. The school principal who is very arrogant, doubtful and always establishing her superiority over her sub-ordinates. The very gullible Sister James, who at first is very kind teacher and a History enthusiast; Finally turning into a doubtful person who takes a simple thing with suspicion and at one point even realising how much she hates her new self.

The play is about doubt, and how it is equally powerful to being sure. How a simple act of kindness gets misinterpreted by sinister eyes. Finally, penalising an innocent person who has done no harm.

The main antagonist, after prosecuting the innocent, breaks down saying she has Doubts!

The play was originally awarded Pulitzer Prize and has been reproduced in a commendable way for the Indian scenario.

Kudos to the director, cast and the crew. Thanks for the wonderful play!

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