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#6, What’s in a name?

Yes, I’m talking about the new Poschim Bongo!

For the unaware, West Bengal has been renamed to Poschim Bongo. The name on first count seems weird at least for a person who’s not familiar with the language of the state. Secondly, how does the name of a state, in any possible way, aid to the development of the state?

Consider the downside of renaming a state. How many government records need to be renamed? How many other records, railways, transport and anything that remotely use the name need to be renamed? Hundreds of hoardings, banners, advertisements need to be updated. All of this headache to just keep up the spirit of the language in words?

Or maybe I’m just reluctant with a positive/welcome change?

Same goes with Bengaluru A.K.A Bangalore, Puducherry A.K.A Pondicherry and an even longer exhaustive list.

Check out the opinions/tweets of the hundreds across the nation.

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