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#10, art – appreciating the darkness

For a while, I was wondering which subject to learn shadows and light directions from? Because, you take a real person picture and start sketching, it’s not perfect. Unless you’re talking about a very professional photographer, the quality of the picture is going to be substandard. You can never adjudge the direction of the light from the picture. This in turn leads to error in a sketch, or at least for a beginner artist. The face might have light falling from right and the rest of the body having light from the left.

But, you take the photo shoots. They definitely take care of the lighting issues. Either they have unidirectional lighting which you can deduce from the shadows, or they block out all the shadows. Either way, this kind of picture leads to a better sketch, or so I’d like to think. This one was straight off from a photo shoot, and took me to my pencils immediately. Roughly took me all night and believe me, every little detail came perfectly within the first or second go.

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