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#9, Irene, how I’d like to have you here

Well, there’s last week laundry to be done. My lunch and breakfast today has been Um.. not much. So with all this, it’s already 4 in the evening. All my work for the last two days has been operated out of my comfy cosy bed.

Let’s look at how the week went by.

Anna goes without Anna: My stomach keeps grumbling if I leave it to rest for at least 10 minutes. And Anna has been on and on with his fast for 11 days. At least the Parliament and the decision makers had the mercy to do something at this point. I’d really like to give credit to Anna. Not any one shouting against corruption can bring about such a nationwide movement.

My guess, Indians are really comfortable with Anna’s credibility and his ability to lead the nation against corruption.

At this point, Anna terms the progress as only half success. I pray

the neta’s spirit continues and fulfils the entire agenda. For the last 11 days, all the channels covered, nothing but, Anna’s fast. Would really hate to see a third episode of this kind. And did I mention, for some days on my drive and back from office, could spot lots of attention grabbing banners along the NH7 highway (Look for the one on the top of the building)

Sushma goes Swish,Swoosh against MMS:For the entire time, I was half expecting someone from the other side jump and grab her throat. For one, the points raised her were entirely valid. Liked the one were she exclaimed, “”The honourable PM speaks less, and even when he does, even his party members don’t listen!” Did I just notice a smile leaking at the corner of MMS’ lips?

Parking lot issues start again at office: Jumping from national issues to mine. Just when I thought, I was free from all the parking issues; it hit me in my behind. God, I just can’t spend time just standing outside the parking lot waiting for some space to clear up. To think, out of the meagre time I spend at the office, at least half goes away waiting for the parking. (Notice the huge line of cars behind the one you visibly see)


Only this much? Yes, as for me, this isn’t one of a momentful week…


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