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#11, 28 Percent, WCI and my moxy

Why does it have to be only two days for every five days? Ireally fail to see the design goals for that! Two for five, roughly works outto 28 per cent. It’s okay, but not nearly enough. May be that’s the thrill youget from entrepreneurship. You get to fix that per cent. May be you go aheadand toil that 100 per cent or all 7 days. Yet, you enjoy it. You devour eachmoment of engineering and management. Something you get only when you do somethingpurely from your spirit and interests. To quote Amelia Earhart,from Night at the museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, “You look like you lostyour moxy!”

Plans for attending the WikiConferenceare currently dropped. Well, beyond the obvious reasons of an extravagantbudget, there were other detailed reasons which pulled me away. Let’s not getinto that. But from my experience of attending conferences, this one’s sure goingto be a hoot! If you’re into such things, register early for an early-birddiscount. And do share your experience with the community.

As like many other of my initiatives, the fire does die outeventually. Hope it stays alive for a little more time for my dear blog. Whenyou learn to put a price tag on everything, you hardly learn to value your trueinterests. Books, for instance, my shelf’s full of them. Hoping I’d read atleast some of the time. And only I know how my evenings end, and weekend’sspoil. Next: art. This, I can easily blame on my muse. I hardly get any. Theonly muse I need is to pick a pencil, which I’m too lazy to do.

Again, I’ve lost my moxy. Someone help me find it.

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