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#12, Peanuts, FRIENDS, and People

Dear blog,

News of the week is that all of the people we know go to the West or get promoted or getting paid high bucks, is quite happy news but it sure does spoils the week for you. It’s quite like riding on the highway. You’re travelling at 90kmph, at highway standards you’re well beyond the speed limit. But relatively a person overtaking with just a 95kmph seems he’s leaving you behind. Not that I’m advocating speed, just an analogy.

Life’s experience is actually meaningless when you’re actually experiencing it; and when it’s in the past, it seems all so wonderful. Watching the world renowned FRIENDS series just brings back the moments I’ve spent with my friends. Moments this now can be only reminisced. Batches and batches of friends, loads and loads of acquaintances, Life is just full of people and experiences, isn’t it?

Speaking of people, the week made me realize how a simple act from someone can make or mar your day! For instance, a hi ruined my day and a simple compliment mail made the next.

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