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#13, Open letter to popeye

Dear Popeye,

First let me tell you that I’m a perfect vegetarian, just like you. I’ve been seeing you since I was a small kid. Please explain me; does spinach really give me bicep like the ones that you get? Well, everyone in my family says so, but I still have the same amount of bicep regardless of the amount of Spinach I eat.

I’m from a family which can get things at ease. But believe me, it isn’t so easy to get a can of spinach as you do. When you pull it out of your shirt, where do you actually keep it inside? It’s an awfully big can; doesn’t it feel irritating to keep it inside your shirt? And why keep it inside your shirt? Why not inside a refrigerator or may be a kitchen cabinet? And also tell me if there’s an expiry date on that thing, you seem to carry cans of spinach for an eternity!

Olive, the next point of my letter. Does she have any muscle or she’s just a few gram of bones covered with few metres of skin? You seem to be smart (Ugh) why don’t you try going out with other femme in your locale? Besides, she does seem kind of dumb (Especially that one time when you were teaching her how to drive)

You seem to have hell a lot of problems with Bluto. If it were me, I’d have taken care of it once it for all. Tell me, do you punch him or just take some time off and draw those black circles around his eyes. Does it really hurt or you’re just doing it for show?

And finally, what’s with your laugh, Aaagh, agh agh agh agh. Yeah, what’s up with that?

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