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#14, TRAI – SMS and the magic 100

Read somewhere, a bath and a haircut would give a new outlook on life. Yes, it did. Sometimes, your mind feels cluttered, just because your living space is cluttered. Driven by urgent needs, the cleanliness drive for the cramped two hours left my living space uncluttered. It’s always welcome into a clean home right?

Buzz of the week, the TRAI ban on SMS upper limit. Simple analogy, doesn’t it sound like saying, only a maximum of 100 calls allowed? Or a maximum of 100 minutes travel allowed per day? Or consumption of a maximum of 100 calories of food per day? Or a maximum of 2 movies per week? Well, the ban on SMS seems a little outrageous. For starters, let’s take the fact that SMS is one of the easiest and very popular modes of communication of today. As for me, I use it to tell about my whereabouts to my friends and family. When I’m in a meeting, and I’m constrained not to attend a call, I go for the SMS which I can do sneakily. When I’m having my dinner and I just need some time off to relish a meal, I just SMS, call me later. Sometimes SMS reduces the need for a lengthy call. Sometimes SMS reduces the awkward pauses in a conversation. SMS can be a concise way for communicating. For me, it never crosses beyond 20 per day. That’s me now. Take me few years back, and my count ran well beyond 200 per day. Even though I’m less worried about the ban now, I’m still sceptical about the day when my count will run off beyond 100. Even to communicate a new number to my old contacts who are in 100s, I prefer SMS. Which means, I should be updating them with my new number on 75 per day basis (keeping 25 as a safe keep)

I’d still miss the glorious days of yesterday, when people spammed each other with funny, sentimental, romantic, informative forwarded SMS.

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