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#15, Colous of an Indian day

From the morning till night, when I silently wade through an Indian day, I patiently observe. I observe how special this little sub-continent is. How its culture pervades every minute of the day. How colourful, India is.

Purple of the pre-dawn: India as a country, from my experience is an early riser. When the skies turn into the purple tinge when the clock strikes morning, you already see people out and busy. No, they’re not sleepy. They’re as active as any would be in the middle of the day. Streets are beautifully decorated with those intricate rangoli. When many world over just bother about the area within their walls, this is a country where people don’t hesitate to clean a little beyond their walls too.

Yellow of the yippy morning: Mornings in India are always colourful. From reluctant kids in their well pressed uniforms to busy office goers who honestly want to reach their workplace and start their work sooner. The excitement and enthusiasm is quite catchy. And spiritual, many here are devout and begin their day with at least a morning prayer to their dear lord. I must say, I’m not a big advocate of spirituality, but this does clear your mind and gives you a fresh perspective for the whole day.

White of the honest lunch: When I say I envy, I really do of the people who bring over home-made lunches sparkling with the love of their loved ones. I might buy food off the shelves, but I’ve never failed to get a share from that lovely lunch box. It’s not just the white in the rice; it’s also the white in their loved one’s honest preparations. It’s as healthy too, tailor made to suit the person’s health.

Orange of the evening chai: India is one of the countries where even the most powerful person would discuss his important agenda over a steaming cup of chai. I’m a simpleton; I’d appreciate the chai even more. When the skies turn orange and from hot to just warm and all the spirit dying away, the chai just revitalizes to give the one last push to get through the day. Did I mention the chai time chat?

Black of the bright night: Let me tell you, in India, even when the skies turn black, it’s still bright. Even the whole day has robbed off someone’s energy, no one’s slouching. They’re all out there, at the market, at the shops, making their purchases for the next big day. Fresh vegetables, fresh condiments. If you do get a chance, do walk on an Indian street right by this time. You’d get your stomach full, just by listening to the busy kitchens at the homes.

When few the Indian’s are running overseas for big money, few Indian’s decide to stay and appreciate the wealth that matters more.

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