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#16, Being committed to the task

The other day at the grounds, a female impeccably dressed – enough to go straight and stand on stage or even head a cultural gathering, was oddly placed playing a game of cricket. To say although I did enjoy the way she played the game in her own dumb witless way, I also noticed a women playing the same game but dressed suitably for the occasion – a comfortable T-Shirt and a track pant, which brings me to this post.

How does commitment show itself? For me, this day, it showed in the way those two women dressed themselves for the occasion. What did the first women think? “Well, I need to be at this place for something important. Yes, the other guy had called. He wanted me to be there at the ground exactly by 5 in the evening. Did he say ground, hmm. I do have some important agenda by 6, hope I could get this done sooner. Oh I see, it’s a cricket match.”

And my bet goes to the women whom I say had her only thoughts on winning the match. An exact reason why she chose her clothes that would help her win.

When you see someone go to a bank without a pen, you can be sure he’s just as irritated by the chore he’s running. When you need to win, you never leave things to fate’s hands; you take it up in yours and do the best you can to ensure winning.

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