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#17, The last drop

Hardly have I ever noticed how to predict the uninterrupted duration of my stay near my computer. Be it at work or at home, my extended stay near the computer machine can only be disrupted by one thing. The supply of drinking water (besides the unpredictable power supply)!

Even when my tummy noise grows in decibels, only the sweet can of water can quench both the thirst and the hunger. When I noticed, the amount of water in each sip is very proportional to the total quantity of water I had with me. The more I had, the more generous was each sip. And the less I had, enough each sip were just to quench the thirst.

And when the last drop runs out, I can hold my thirst/hunger only for few seconds more. I had to leave for more water. This routine was very inconspicuous, only till when I gave it a thought.

How thankful I am, to get that water nearby!

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