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#7, Rewind button, Dingy ride and my beloved friends

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

As someone rightly longed for, Life would be great if there were a rewind button.

All good things come to an end faster and so did this short vacation for me. Anyways, this whole week turned me a little lazier than ever. With just hours left for the travel back to my second home, frenzied packing is yet to ensue. What’s next to me?

Farewell to family. Well, here family doesn’t mean father, mother and sibling. It means the extended family as well. The power crazed extended family. It’s hard to ignore them, else things can get pretty messed up family wise.

The dingy bus ride back home. As Always, I fail to correctly calculate the Wait List movement of our beloved railways. Charts done and I have no other go than to travel in the dingy bus. Six hours! Let god be with me.

The moronic drone of a work that awaits me. God, guess I need you for more than just that six hours of travel!

Although there are many good things that I can look out for apart from all these:

I expressed my interest to volunteer for Gul4Change [a.k.a G4C is a sub program of The Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation.] Looking forward to a good time working for a social cause with the organization.

My friends, like the new Airtel Promo sings, “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai!” They do make the moronic work fun with their trusted antics.

And a lot more. Till the next post, do follow me on twitter for, well, some non-sensical updates from me

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#2,With little more efforts, here’s next post

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Ah, it’s good to be back home!

Travel is not as tiresome/boring as it used to be. With more freedom (and of course Money), you can afford to few more choices. Such a short, sweet trip! Enjoyed every last minute, well, except for the part where there was an accident on the highway on the way back. (Hope there was no lasting damage to the affected)

Last week, there was this hilarious (yet thought-provoking) Xkcd. Although, half my recipients couldn’t understand what it meant. Anyway, check out this Password Generator, inspired by Xkcd’s particular comic strip. In summary, our current complex passwords involving multiple cases and symbols are prone to be broken by the machine sooner yet hard for us to keep in mind! But, a simple four letter random phrase like umm… “Correct horse battery staple” might be easier to remember/recollect, yet a real difficulty for the machine to break!

And finally, new additions to Oxford English Dictionary! The words newly added are: Retweet, Sexting, Cyberbullying. Good to note, all have their strong roots in www, and children of quite very recent past.

Do follow me on twitter (@jyothikarthik) , for my insanely mundane mutters J

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#1, it all starts with just ONE!

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes, Happy Birthday to my blog. With each new blog, my writing gets better (or worse)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Well, that means I keep skimming through all the pages. There’s travel for fun, travel for work and then there’s my kind of travel: Gun in the head travel. Well, that was metaphorical with the gun missing. But yeah, the scenario holds good. If not for the arm twisting, I’d never make this trip on a beautiful god-given holiday.

Speaking of travel, Anna Hazare ji is going places and for a while now, he’s gonna stay put in Tihar. Very valid signs, the big brother has gone paranoid. Otherwise why would someone keep a corruption crusader behind bars and that too alongside two corrupt!? Paranoid, or more paranoid that LokPal given teeth would bite back their own behinds. With good support, Anna ji would grow stronger in time.

Travel bag – Check!

Clothes – Check!

Magazines – Check!

Tickets – D’oh?

Will be back for #2, keep an eye out for my tweets.

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