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Pseudo-elusive career switch : A change waiting to happen

For all those of you out there, struggling to make sense out of your moronic work routine – this one’s for you:

If you really visited the above link (It’s a very short article, I’ll wait for you until you’re done – and do come back here) what I intend to write is precisely about point 3.

It’s the same pothole that seem to appear every often, and it’s necessary that we look at the problems rather than the symptoms and identify a workable solution. @productivitymentor’s above article is more than just inspiring. May be this was just the kind of perspective we needed.

Stepping away from this and introspect the reason for work becoming mundane, a little social experiment reveals – not everyone is doing their current work as a matter of choice. Many in fact are poly-skilled or have deep passion in areas other their current areas of work. And why they still hang on to this, is 1. Either they look at this as means to “eventually” reach their passion or 2. They are just too comfortable with how things are. What is required for you to make that elusive shift is efforts and what more, persistent efforts.

Unless you are persistent in your efforts, you might just slip from category 1 to 2

So what keeps you persistent to reach out to your work of passion? Besides monetary and financial security, I believe, confidence in yourself to excel in your passion plays a pivotal role. If you’re shaky, then you might not have the spirit to take that extra stride away from the pavement.

Introspect if what you’re doing is in line with your goals, Build confidence, Equip yourself with necessary skills, Make persistent efforts, and Step out of the line – walk your way!

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